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Braverman Test

New patients and anyone looking to bring their health to an optimum level should take these tests and assessments.

Interested in reversing or preventing Alzheimer’s, aging, memory loss, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and more from 'The Edge Effect’?

Take the Braverman Test by Eric Braverman, MD - Achieve total health and longevity with the Balanced Brain Advantage.

The Braverman Test

*Print or email your results before your first visit*

For a basic understanding of your Braverman Test results and the foods which may help, read: When the Brain Goes, So Goes Your Health.

    1. PART 1: DETERMINING YOUR DOMINANT NATURE: The highest number is your dominant personality nature and the other numbers should be within 10-15 points.
    2. PART 2: DEFINING YOUR DEFICIENCIES: These scores should be 5 or less. For a basic understanding of your Braverman Test results see the last few pages of the test, which contain an index.

For a more in depth understanding of the Braverman test, read Braverman Details.

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