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Below are some videos which provide a greater understanding of the diversity of your options and stories of successful results.

This 67-year-old man came in with a long list of complaints and took on the challenge to follow my recommendations. He gave me 5 weeks to improve his health with only one office visit.

A 4 ½ week old baby could not eat more than 1 oz. of formula without spitting it up and screaming and was fine in 15 minutes.

A woman with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1998 changed her diet and started taking one supplement. In March 2015, she became #3 in the World in CrossFit Competition for Woman over 60 years old.

Dr. Tim Kelly uses the Neurological Organization Technique, N.O.T. for an Autistic child.She is now a delightful straight A student and a star ballerina.

For more videos visit: Dr. Tim Kelly's YouTube Channel