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Common Imbalances

CANDIDA YEAST: Typically caused after taking antibiotics, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, high sugar and carbohydrate diets. Almost any symptom can be associated with Candida over growth; headache, confusion, depression, irritability, tiredness, perfume sensitivity, sweets cravings. Yeast converts sugar into alcohol, aldehydes, and formaldehyde. This then disrupts the protective lipid cell membrane resulting in chronic irritation.

OMEGA 3/6 IMBALANCE: Need for good oils: Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA Omega 6 GLA are required for proper cell structure and function. Our brains are 60% fat. Our hormones and cell walls are made of oils. 20-30% of our diet should be good fats and oils.

FREE RADICALS EXCESS: System imbalance that may result from chronic nutritional imbalance. This leads to chronic inflammation & irritation. Our bodies cannot effectively rebuild without the proper nutritional building blocks.

HEAVY METAL TOXICITY: Chronic conditions can occasionally be traced to mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, copper, or amalgam. Metals can come from water, air, sprays, medicines, food, dental fillings and any number of sources.

FOOD SENSITIVITY: Common allergies are: Milk, white flour, white rice, white potato, corn syrup. Symptoms of food allergies may include: congestion after eating, bloating, swelling, tiredness, racing or slowed pulse, itching.

PARASITES: Can be found in many places: food, water pets, soil … Symptoms will vary, it may be worthwhile to do a cleansing 1-2 times per year if you are in an environment prone to parasite exposure.