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Nutrition Education – Diet Recourses

Looking for resources to help you eat better?

Check out The World’s Healthiest Foods website for great receipes and tons of information on which foods have the nutirients your body needs the most. Be sure to use his amazing Food Advisor program to to see how to change your diet to best support your current condition.

Organic Lifestyle Magazine is a free online magazine, and it is a wealth of information. You can type “diet” into their search bar and see all of the great resources they offer. I’ve written for them a few times as well, so type in Dr. Kelly into the search to see my contributions.

Dr. David Getoff is a brilliant naturopath with a comprehensive website full of critical information for anyone looking to restore their health. Be sure to check out his One Month Diet and his Food Pyramid.

Allergies can be a major source of negative health issues and even chronic diseases. If you have allergies, be sure to go to and see how they make meal planning simple and affordable. has put together a Deflaming Guidelines pdf for anyone suffering from inflammation related health issues (which is almost everyone). Getting inflammation under control is crucial to restoring optimum health and this pdf is a good first step to understanding what you can do.

Want to know more about how Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids work? Download this wonderful How Omega-3 Supports a Health immune Response brochure from Nordic Naturals.